McFarlin LLP Business Litigation

McFarlin LLP BannerAlthough it would be nice if there was a foolproof way for a business owner to permanently avoid any type of civil litigation matter, unfortunately in today’s business environment that just isn’t possible. However, a lawsuit does not to significantly impact business operations or derail the growth a business may be experiencing. McFarlin LLP attorneys are accustomed to working with business owners and focusing on positive solutions.

The most common business litigation cases are typically related to employment law and breach of contract. McFarlin LLP attorneys have extensive experience in both of these practice areas and can vigorously defend these (often frivolous) claims. For many employment law cases, a disgruntled employee (former or current) raises issues related to how they were treated or paid. Typically their motivation is quite questionable and frequently just looking to make the business owner’s life difficult. An aggressive and knowledgeable attorney can frequently get such frivolous cases dismissed at an early stage or settled for a very small amount of “nuisance” money.

The other very common type of business litigation matter McFarlin LLP handles quite frequently involves some sort of alleged breach of contract. A vendor or service provider may have performed poor work or supplied a faulty product. This prompts the business to, logically, not pay them in full, which can lead to litigation. Again, many of these litigants are simply looking for nuisance money, and should be met with a vigorous and immediate response.

Other types of business litigation matters McFarlin LLP frequently litigates include trade secret, fraud, misrepresentation and partnership or corporate disputes. Sometimes these matters can be quite serious, but often they go away quickly and inexpensively. It is important, in any business litigation case, to work with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can work within your budget. McFarlin LLP is accustomed to working with businesses and understands the bottom line. We don’t lose sight of the most important aspect of business representation, preserving business operations intact and without disruption.

McFarlin LLP attorneys are available to evaluate your business litigation or civil litigation matter at no initial fee. We will analyze your legal situation and review documents to give you an honest and straightforward assessment of the situation. We offer cost-effective legal solutions to all your business litigation needs. Call us today at: (888) 728-0044.