A Smart Approach To Contract Disputes

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Contract disputes are one of the most seen lawsuits not only in the California Superior Court, but in most areas as well. Contracts are used frequently on a daily basis and because of this there are often disputes that need to be handled as well. Regardless of the reason, disputes can bog down the process of doing business for any company and cause a serious concern if not dealt with properly.

At McFarlin LLP there are attorneys that can take care of breach of contract disputes as well as present you with a clear understanding of the process that is used when a lawsuit is involved. One of the factors that many attorneys leave out is how to solve the issue in the best way for your business instead of blindly going through the process of litigation.

Even though there are many possible reasons for a contract to be disputed, many tend to be about one party not paying for goods or services. Often times the party that has refused payment has done this for a reason. An example of this could be that they felt what they were intending to pay for was not to the quality that they expected when they signed the contract. This can lead to a counterclaim by the defendant which ends up further complicating the process for a Court.

At McFarlin LLP we don’t ignore the other factors of your business and how this dispute can become influenced by them, or visa versa. Instead we take the entire situation into account. Examples of this are total costs, business disruption, employee distraction, management time spent on the lawsuit (and the consequences of that), and public opinion if the dispute makes it’s way into the public eye.

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